June 10, 2019

"Barry's work is exceptional. Our aging carpets look new when he leaves! He uses (and sells) a spot remover that is non-toxic (important because we have animals), and works incredibly well on upholstery, the inside of my car, and even laundry. Highly recommend the product AND the service!!"
June 10, 2019

MA, Mjr

"Gotta tell you the "Plus all purpose spot cleaner" is unreal! It really works! On everything. Just sprayed a terrible stain on a top and it came out perfect! I have never used anything like this!! If you haven't tried it you are gonna be so surprised at all the many things it cleans up! It is a one stop cleaner! No need to buy all the other stuff to get tough stains out and off of surfaces. "
November 9, 2018

"Barry has been cleaning our carpets and upholstery since 1989 and everything looks brand new when he is done. We have always had lots of pets and occasionally they would have accidents....When Barry was done , you would never know! And his spot cleaner that we would purchase for in between cleanings is amazing. Won't have anyone else do our carpets and oriental rugs."
July 15, 2017

Linda C.

"I can honestly say, Schneider's carpet cleaning totally deserves 5 stars. I was ready to give up on my rug, when Barry said, "it is going to look just fine, when I am done." And he was more than right....the carpet looks new, I was amazed and so very happy. Thanks Barry, I couldn't be more pleased, not to mention a very nice man."
May 18, 2017

Billy N.

"Great service and the carpet truly is dry when Barry heads out after great service. I will use again for sure."