All-Purpose Spot Cleaner

Tough spots and stains demand a powerful cleaning agent to get rid of them. At Schneider’s Dry Carpet Cleaning, I rely on PLUS: an all-purpose spot cleaner that’s industry-proven on nearly any surface. Best of all, it’s among the safest all-purpose cleaners—meaning it’s great for homes and businesses throughout Santa Maria, CA, whether you’ve got grease and oil stains or spots from kids and pets.PLUS eliminates spots from carpet, upholstery, tile, grout, clothing, painted surfaces and more, without leaving behind any films, residues or discoloration.

How PLUS Spot Cleaners Work

While it can be used with wet-vacs for broad treatment, I prefer to use PLUS as a spot treatment, thanks to its powerful, proven abilities. Mixed with 50% water, it easily sprays on to just about any surface:

  • To clean clothing, simply spray on before washing
  • Spray tile and grout to loosen dirt, then clean with a cloth
  • Spray vinyl surfaces, then rinse with water
  • Spray stone and brick, then rinse with water

Because I only use safe all-purpose cleaners, there’s no reason to worry about harmful VOCs and caustic chemicals. In fact, there’s no soap, no scent and no residue to worry about!

Safe for Nearly Any Surface

PLUS is tested safe on a wide array of surfaces and against a broad number of staining agents. With just a few spritzes on a gentle cloth, PLUS can be used throughout your home or business!

  • Auto interiors
  • Couch and chair arms
  • Dirt and grime
  • Hand oils
  • Stone and tile
  • Painted surfaces
  • Pet oils
  • Walls

Please note that PLUS cannot be used on marble or granite countertops or flooring, due to the porous nature of these natural materials.

Treat Spots Simply

Spots and stains have a nasty habit of lingering, no matter what caused them. Santa Maria, CA home and business owners can count on Schneider’s Dry Carpet Cleaning to erase these problem areas using safe, effective PLUS all-purpose spot cleaner. Give me a call today at 805-937-0607 to tackle your bothersome stains and buildups!

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