January 22, 2024

Love My Clean Carpet

"You have to get his spot cleaner!!! I have light carpet. My carpet had dark brown stains rise each time it was cleaned & dried. I tried his spot cleaner on a rag & it pulled out all the dark color! Mr Schneider explained the brown was detergent residue. He lightly sprayed his secret sauce "PLUS all purpose spot cleaner" to the entire carpet. Then applied his dry cleaning granuals. Neither of them contain chemicals. My carpet looked brand new when he was done! And he was fast. I didn't have to run the heater & fans for hours, it was dry in an hour. I bought his Plus cleaner, & started cleaning anything I could find, including my car interior. It's amazing, prices are, & so is he❤️You won't be disappointed. "
January 17, 2024

May 2, 2023

"I have enjoyed Schneider's Dry Carpet Cleaning since 2020. I suffer from all kinds of allergies and humidity is my worst nemesis! I was always looking for someone to clean the carpets without leaving so much humidity or worse, lingering irritating perfume spells or sticky "scotch gurd"! SIMPLY CLEAN and DRY carpets is all I've wished for. The answer to my wishes, Schneider's Dry Carpet Cleaning!!!! Santa Maria residents, are very fortunate to have such service at their fingertips! Give them a call, you will not regret it!"
December 12, 2022

Amazing all purpose cleaner

"I have been using the Schneider All Purpose cleaner for a few years now. This product is stunningly amazing. I can literally use it on everything from tile grout, my maple wood cabinets, my wood floors to clothing stains and carpet and it cleans everything with a non toxic formula. It has removed cooking oil and wine stains from clothes that I thought I would have to toss out. In my 72 years I have never experienced a product that works this well. I use it now for everything. It is inexpensive compared to any other product you would purchase at a grocery store and works much better."
July 31, 2022